Top 15 Most Bizarre Insurance Coverages

While many celebrities became famous through talent and charisma, they are fully aware that part of their impressive bodies is fully contributing to them be highly recognized. And it’s also among the significant reasons that many people admire them.
Therefore, spending thousands or millions of dollars coverage the particular part of their body that stands out may seem outrageous, but it’s genuinely a bright investment. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for being a talented footballer, but what if he gets a severe injury with no remedy? His whole career would be over within a blink of an eye.

Therefore, as bizarre as the insurance coverage that celebrities put on their prized assets, it’s worth it. The policy ensures they have a future if they lose that asset that makes them famous and earns them their livelihood.

However, some insurance policies are too bizarre to make sense. This article comprises bizarre insurance coverage that makes sense and those that feel outrageous and with no fundamental reason to have them.

1. $1.5 million Paul Hucker Insurance against alien impregnation, abduction and even consumption

Such insurance coverage with that kind of outrageous amount will make you believe that aliens do exist. According to Hucker, his worst fear is an encounter with an Elian and then get abducted or even worse be eaten or impregnated by them. Funny enough, he is not alone, in the U.S. there are over 20, 000 people with insurance coverage for alien abduction.

2. 1$ million insurance for semen

David Lee Roth’s a lead singer and the only one who matters to Van Halen. He took an insurance coverage in the 1980s for his sperm in case he suffered a catastrophic fall when flipping on stage.

3. $15.3 Million John Schnatter hands

John Schnatter isn’t a popular name that many would recognize, but the mention of Papa Johns Pizza touches everyone’s heart and stomach. Papa John’s Pizza is among the most favorite pizzas well known in America with John Schnatter as the CEO. However, what’s the deal with Papa John’s $15.3 million hands insurance?
If there is one thing that makes his pizza accessible is the garlic source. It’s quite understandable when Nicki Minaj insures her behind, but the reason for protecting his hands is still a mystery. Because its highly unlikely that he is the one spinning the dough, after all, he is the CEO. The last thing he would want is breaking his back in the kitchen.

4. $144 Cristiano Ronaldo Legs

You may not be a football fan, but the cheers and energy that emanates when you mention Cristian Ronaldo’s name in a place with football fans may assimilate you into a football fan. Due to his unsurpassed and unique skills in football, you will be charmed by play in the field. And because of this, he is one of the top prized football players in real Madrid.
It’s no wonder he has insured legs. Being at the top is always great, but if it’s your legs that keep you there, it would be a great idea to protect them. The last thing you would want is an injury that would cripple your career and source of income.

5. $70 David Beckham Body

Somehow, David Beckham just managed to insure his whole body; it’s quite amusing. But don’t you think that’s a little bit too much? I think that’s cheating a means of playing the system in a certain way. But wait, I didn’t know you can have whole-body insurance. I am tempted to ring my insurance company and see what they will offer me.
But if you are a prized football player, there is a need for insurance full body including your hair. But wait; there is somebody with hair insurance worth millions of dollars in this list. In the field, any injury is enough to bench you for a whole season.
That’s disastrous news for football player careers. No wonder the outrageous insurance coverage taken by the likes of David Beckham and Cristian Ronaldo. At times, you would be benched for hurting your ears.

6. 1$ Million Gene Simmons Tongue

Now I am beginning to feel like my body is wasting me. Selling both my kidneys would not even worth an iPhone 7. A tongue that’s worth a million dollars, that’s quite a fortune. But if it earns you millions and your entire career and life depend on it, it’s worth insurance with that large sum of money.
Gene Simmons tongue has been a game-changer for rock and roll music for quite a long period since he took over the stage. Before his popularity, no one ever thought that sticking out an extra-long tongue would earn you positive feedback not to mention fame.
Gene Simmons discovered the power of his tongue. And since he uses it a lot, insuring it was the best choice to protect it. After all, there are no bulletproof tongue vests.

7. $2 Million Heidi Klum Legs

Heidi Klum is a great role model when it comes to proving wrong about model stereotyping. She is one person who is very smart, a little goofy and still un-afraid to have a weird appearance. If you think I am wrong, Just search for her annual Halloween costumes, they are prevalent for best crafting and incredibly being ornate.She has depicted creatures such as monsters or weird looking bugs. But all this together with her modelling career began because of her gorgeously looking and shaped legs. She owes her success to them, no wonder the hefty insurance coverage on them. Now she can lose her legs and still be okay.

8. 1$ million Miley Cyrus Tongue

Oh! You thought the hanging out was a thing for Gene Simmons only? Here is proof that women can also do what men can do. Anytime Milley comes out in public, you would notice her cute looking tongue out. Not long like Gene Simmons tongue but her charming beauty has compensated that.
There are some months when you pass by a stand out magazine you will notice Miley Cyrus with her tongue out. Despite being smaller than that of genes, she has made quite an impression over time. So, does this mean you’ll get paid every time a hot soup burns your tongue? I prefer insurance for mouth roof; I often burn it every time I order hot pizza.

9. 1$ Million Holly Madison Chest

If there is a time that work can be quite challenging to an insurance agent is when insuring boobs. I mean, can’t someone replace them when they are tired of the currents one. The chest is among the body parts that can quickly get implants within a few hours and heels within a few weeks. But that doesn’t matter to Holly Madison; she prefers her currents ones. And it’s for this reason that she has taken a further step of protecting them with a 1$ insurance coverage.

10. $30 million Julia Roberts Mouth

I am still trying to figure out the criteria used to insure a smile. Does it involve emotions status or certain poses when smiling? I still can’t figure out. But I am looking forward to confirming that from my insurance company.
For the reason that is still unknown, Julia Roberts has a mouth coverage of $30 million. Nobody likes people who gossip, but with a mouth worth $30 million, I don’t mind spending my entire summer chatting with her. Such insurance seems quite ridiculous, but what do you do with excess money if own everything you ever dream off.
Let’s say the 30 million dollars is on Julia Roberts’s mouth, how do you break disheartening news to such a person. I am sure the last thing you will want is to be responsible for damaging a smile worth millions of dollars.

11. $7 million Tom Jones Chest

Back in the days, a hairy chest was the talk of the town, including the whole country. And Tom Jones discovered that and made good use of his. Before our current generation, where a smooth and hairless chest is the king.
I can’t imagine waking up with my entire chest coverage with hair. But Tom Jones’s hairy chest was worth a fortune that he decided to spend seven million dollars on securing it with insurance coverage. But either way, it’s still an outrageous amount to spend on insuring your chest.
With the current trend of the masculine hairless chest, Tom Jones’s worth has dropped a little bit. And not to mention, he is now over 75 years. His chest quality is no longer as it used to.

12. $1 million Oliver Lewis Fingers

I thought I was amazed when I first saw mother coverage insurance until I ran to finger insurance by Oliver Lewis. His finger insurance is worth a million dollars. But I am still wondering, what if you suffer from an accident and your elbow gets severely damaged, but your fingers remain intact, will you get compensated?
Oliver Lewis is a famous violinist, and it’s because of his gift of playing the violin that he decided to insure his fingers. In some way, his coverage makes sense. Because I have heard of best guitarists with no hands but still charm you while playing with their toes. But I have never heard of a violinist with no fingers.

13. 1$ million Celine Dion Voice

Despite how outrageous the amount is on coverage her voice, it’s worth it. She has an unstoppable voice of a goddess that became global after her famous song in the Titanic Soundtrack. The sound was very sensational that even a 10-year-old would cry to have it on their birthday parties.
But it’s not her singing voice that’s the best part alone; her Canadian accent is exceptionally perfect. I hope both are coverage by insurance. I may sound passionate about her voice is just great. If you have heard her interviews and listen to her songs, you would agree with me. She is a legend.

14. $1 million Troy Polamalu Hair

When you wake up and find Beyonce has insured her hair with over 100 million dollars, that’s news, but when you see its Jay Z with million-dollar insurance coverage on his nose, that’s breaking news.
Hair beauty is not universal in men. Try that, and you may send a wrong message that has a lot of criticism. But that doesn’t deter Troy Polamalu from insuring his hair with an outrageous one million dollar amount.
The football player is a beauty brand spokesperson, a scenario that is unique and new. But men do need shampoo also if you think about it. We all want to wake up next to Brooke Shields. The last thing a man wants is to look like her.
To Polamalu, the well-cured long hair doesn’t matter if you get the best endorsement deals through them. Unique and flowing locks that attract attention explain why he has over a million dollars as insurance coverage for his head.

15. $27 million Butt insurance

Even though she now has worthy opponents such as Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez had one of the Hollywood famous butts. Butt Insurance gave her a sharp competing edge against her counterparts. Despite having competition, Jennifer Lopez taking a $27 million insurance coverage for her asset.


This Bizarre insurance coverage may seem like a show-off. But if you take a closer look into this matter, you will realize they are also crucial like any other asset insurance coverage. Just like medical insurance, or house insurance, the celebrities, including the companies they endorse want to secure their assets in case of anything. Additionally, this weird insurance coverage also generates more publicity for the celebs and even the respective companies they represent.
So, is there any bizarre policy from the above list that you can try out?

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