Can Health Insurance Charge More For Smokers?

If you smoke, you may be wondering if your local health insurance plan will charge more for smokers. There are quite a few options that you have to make this work for you.

can health insurance charge more for smokers

First, if you do not want to quit smoking, you should make sure you pick an option that will pay for some time out of your smoking. This will get your mind off of smoking and help you fight the habit. When you can not smoke, you will feel good. Some people choose this option when they find themselves in need of time away from cigarettes.

The second main reasons that insurance companies charge smokers more are the long term effects of the habit. You will get very sick and over time will become very expensive.

The third reason is that smoking damages your lungs and can cause you to suffer chronic lung disease in the future. Lung cancer is a big health risk and it is possible to live a life with lung cancer after you stop smoking. It is possible to reduce this risk by going cold turkey and using natural treatments for smoking.

Smoking is also bad for your heart. When you stop smoking, you will see your heart pumping faster. So, quitting smoking will help you to prevent coronary problems.

Smokers also tend to stay in poorer health than non-smokers. When you stop smoking, you will see a drop in your blood pressure. Also, you will find yourself craving coffee more and less.

When you go to your local health insurance plans and you find out that you have to pay more for smokers, try to talk them into a partial or full-benefit plan that is good for both smokers and non-smokers. If you really want to find a plan that fits your needs, then you will need to talk to a health insurance consultant.


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