Help! Frequently Asked Questions

(A) Yes, we have plans that will allow you to obtain coverage outside of the open enrollment period.
(A) Yes, they can get coverage help from us. There are certain packages and plans that can benefit having a spouse who needs coverage. Due to consistent pricing changes, to get the latest pricing and details on a plan like this we encourage you to call the phone number provided.
(A) Go to our Homepage > Enter Your Zip Code > Click "Find Health Plans"
(A) Great news! We can help you purchase health insurance through Health Insurance Agent. We'll also be able to personalize your package, so you get the benefits needed for self employed individuals. There are also subsidies that can possibly be included if you qualify for them.
(A) We have partners who allow you to purchase; short term health insurance, temporary health insurance, and other plans outside of the open enrollment period. A majority of time these particular plans will only provide limited benefits. The most optimal time to purchase a health insurance plan is during the open enrollment period.
(A) As soon as paperwork and payments have been established and filed, most health insurance companies and plans will have a waiting period before you can use your insurance. This time period can sometimes last up to 90 days, but no longer.
(A) Here is a set of questions you should ask, so you're well informed on what personalized plan you are about to acquire.
(1a) What's my Deductible Payment?
(2a) What is my Office Copay? What is my Emergency Copay? What is my Specialist Copay?
(3a) Can I get this insurance with a pre-existing condition?
(4a) Does this insurance cover me during domestic travel? How about international travel?
(5a) What type of plan is this?
(6a) What is the cheapest health insurance?
(7a) What is the most expensive health insurance?
(8a) What is the best health insurance for me based on my information?
(A) Here is a critical list of things you should look for when purchasing health insurance;

➤ Network of Hospitals

➤ Maternity Benefits

➤ Hospitalization

➤ Cumulative Bonuses

➤ Family Health Insurance

➤ Waiting Period

➤ Claims Process
(A) Health Insurance CAN cover the following;

➤ Regular Checkups (Office Visits)

➤ Specialist Visits

➤ Hospital Visits / Boarding

➤ Surgeries

➤ Emergency Visits

➤ Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

➤ Vision Services

➤ Audible Services
(A) It's not illegal to not have Health Insurance coverage. However there are no tax penalties when you declare on your taxes that you aren't covered. A Health Insurance Agent will be able to help you understand any of the fines that you can endure when declining to obtain coverage.
(A) We highly recommend calling our help number displayed on our website. If you'd like to get the latest health plan pricing without calling you'll need to go to our homepage > enter your zip code > click "find health plans."
(A) When you hear the term "Health Insurance Deductible," this applies to the amount of money you actually pay towards your health care until your insurance will begin to provide coverage. Typically the deductible will renew yearly or every calendar year. Traditionally the higher your deductible is the lower your monthly premium payment will be. If you have a lower deductible, then more than likely you'll have a much higher monthly premium payment.

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If you’re in need of medical coverage or considering making a change in health insurance companies, you should contact a medical care agent. Healthcare is a complex field, and it’s always changing. By working with an experienced agent, you can get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Health Insurance Broker is committed to helping you find the ideal plan for you or your family. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today.

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