Health Insurance Agent Duties & Responsibilities

As a Health Insurance Agent in the United States, I abide by the following Duties and Responsibilities from an authority in the health insurance field.

  1. I have a professional obligation to help the customer obtain appropriate insurance coverage. I will explain what coverages are available and make recommendations. I'll assist you in deciding which coverages the customer wants, and communicate customer wishes to the producer.
  2. I'm obligated to obtain the insurance coverages the customer has elected.
  3. If the coverages you receive differ from those the customer requested, I promise to explain the discrepancies via, physical mail, email, and be open to a phone call.
  4. I promise to not be negligent if I fail to inform the customer that the coverage you received is not what you requested.
  5. When I deliver your policy, I will assure the customer that this will include all of the coverages you requested. My customers will be covered for all desired insurance.
  6. I'm not obligated to anticipate all risks that might arise from your health or business and to advise you how to cover them. I'm not a professional risk manager. However, I will do my best when assessing your needs based on the information you've given me, my suggestions, and my experience.
  7. I will exercise reasonable care to place your insurance with a financially sound insurer. In some states, I will warn you if I learn that your insurer has become financially impaired.
  8. I will also notify you if I'm aware that your policy is about to be canceled.
  9. These are the duties and responsibilities of and I promise to uphold them to the best of my ability.

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