Best Individual Health Insurance For 2020

Individual health insurance is a coverage that you do on own or family basis. Individual health insurance is collectively less expensive than group insurance. It can be be purchased through an exchange or off it too. These plans were written in 2014 mainly and are less than what groups offer. The Affordable Care Act ACA made the coverage guaranteed and made essential health benefits. In 2014 everything changes when the bulk of ACA took place. These plans became richer with this. As long as people purchase through exchange one portion of the premium is paid through subsidies. The best health insurance companies in 2019 are as follows.

  • Kaiser Permanente: Best for health saving account options
  • Blue cross blue shield: Best large provider network
  • UnitedHealthcare: Best for online care
  • Aetna: Best for employer-based plans
  • Cigna: Best for telehealthcare
  • HCSC: Best for healthy living programs
  • Molina Healthcare: Best for preventive care

Where to buy private/individual health insurance:

When it comes to buying individual health insurance you have many options.


If you are retired, this is the best option for you. Look at what medicare got for you find the best supplements and other insurances. This information is also available on Medicare sites just know that Medigap and Medicare both are part of original medicare. 

  • Healthcare Gov

Learn about the best individual health insurance under the Affordable Care Act by going to You will find here if you are eligible for any measures of savings and how to apply. Health care provides a plan finder to locate your private marketplace. Who also gives you ACA coverage. 

  • Why choose individual health insurance:

One of the benefits of choosing individual health insurance includes portability. This means employees can keep the policy even if they change jobs. Employees choose the policy that is good for needs includes a network of providers and coverage. Another benefit is that individual health insurance costs less and people can get a premium tax credit that helps them. Regardless of pre-existing medical conditions you have, it will still apply for your coverage. 

How can you buy individual health insurance:

Purchasing individual health insurance is very easy these days. There are four simple steps to follow.

  1. Contact a health insurance broker in your state’s health insurance marketplace through websites. 
  2. If you want to be eligible for a premium tax credit you need to fill in the online or paper form with your personal information and financial information.
  3. Select the policy which is based on the desired policy level.
  4. Pay the premium which isn’t included in the portion of the premium tax credit.

If you still have any questions on this you can check this graph of 4 simple steps on how to buy individual health insurance.

How does premium credit tax work?

Premium taxes are available for policies that are purchased by health insurance of each state. If someone meets income requirements and he didn’t have any coverage he is eligible for the premium tax credit. 

  • Families who earn up to 400% can be eligible for this tax credit. 
  • Individuals who have access to the minimum coverage either it’s through work or any other programs such as CHIP or Medicaid are not eligible for this tax credit.

Some of the affordable individual health insurance plans include these things:

  • Low monthly premiums

4 out of 5 qualify for premium subsidies to lower monthly income

  • Affordable co-pays

This means you can visit an in-network without paying the entire cost

  • $0 preventive care

Pay nothing for most in-network preventive care. Which means your annual check-ups, flu, etc.

  • Quality care and coverage
  • 24/7/365 customer care
  • Access your benefits anytime, anywhere
  • Save on insulin costs
  • $0 Telehealth
  • Healthy experience your trust


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