What are the Top 10 Insurance Companies in the United States?

Searching for the best health insurance company that will fit your needs and budget entirely is hardly possible. With over 900 healthcare insurance companies in the country, looking into the details of each is scarcely possible. And terminologies alone are enough to make you give up within the first few minutes of your search

But there is no need to worry; we commit to doing research and analysis of the best companies and products to provide you with only the best options. Below is a list of the top 10 insurance companies in the United States. 

Each company has its own general and unique: benefits, coverage, premium, deductibles, among other factors. Apart from the information provided, you can read further about each company to know which among them fits your budget and needs ideally. 

  • BlueShield/BlueCross

Blue Cross is the best when it comes to a large network of service provision. Blue Cross is spread not only in the USA but also in over 170 countries around the globe. In the USA alone, there are over 100 million clients who have medical insurance through Blue Cross. 

With this company, you have a more extensive range of options for your cover; therefore, you can hardly miss a plan that suits your needs perfectly. The company plan accessibility is through PPOs and HMOs. With HMO plans, many of the plans are comprehensive when the savings are significant, but you are limited to the doctors found within HMO. 

On the other hand, PPOs’ plans come with more flexibility plus more doctors who are participating. PPOs’ program is the most abundant with the highest distribution in the country.

Additionally, the Blue Cross plans give the clients’ accessibility to FSA and HSA accounts of health savings. 

When you have an FSA plan, you can save tax-free money for your medical insurance deductibles. FSA plans include other health-related expenses. HAS plan, on the other hand, is similar to FSA, but in this case, the savings are applicable only for costs with medical qualifications. 

  • Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente has emerged as a trusted company when it comes to medical insurance. Through the organization care management, Kaiser Hospital foundations network, and medical center, it has been able to offer medical care to the clients. The company has been able to secure many J.D. Power & Associates awards on customer service and also has an excellent rating in financial strength. 

The company offers its services to residents in Georgia, Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, Southern, and Northern California. Their service also extends to those residing in the Northwest region and Mid-Atlantic regions. The network of the company comprises over 22,000 physician participants, 38 hospitals, about 620 outpatient, and medical office facilities.

If you are residing in the coverage area of Kaiser Permanente, you will have accessibility to various plans, such as essential plans, advantage plans, and classic plans. Every program has the option of adding the HSA (Health Saving) option. Choosing HSA provides you with $10,000 family deductible and $5,000 individual deductible. 

Options in the HSA plan are; after-hour care, unlimited visits to the doctor, no copayment plans, online wellness applications, and generic prescriptions. 

Additionally, you will receive international travel coverage regardless of where you reside. The company app works on both iPhone and Android devices to ensure convenience to the clients. Among the features of the application are the Google map that will pinpoint for you, the local hospitals, and doctors within your reach. Last but not least, with Kaiser Permanente, language is never a barrier due to the availability of many translators. 

  • Aetna

Aetna is known for offering the best employer-based plans and is quality assuring with an A.M. excellent rating. The company is among the largest insurance companies in the U.S. with an outstanding reputation. Across the 50 U.S. states, the company provides employer-based health plans to the residents. 

If you are looking for an affordable insurance plan that fits your budget, Aetna has it all. Some of the affordable insurance plan options include hospitalization, Preventive care, immunizations, essential medical care services, and office visits. 

The members of the company granted access to a health savings account (HSA) that is tax-free. With the company’s vast network of provision, members have access to Aetna provider who is approved irrespective of which location they reside in the country. 

Additionally, members can see any licensed doctor or in-network doctor through options of network plan. But if you need the most significant savings, an in-network is the best option. Aetna also provides many wellness programs to the members, and some of them include weight-loss programs, chiropractic services, gym memberships, and much more.

  • UnitedHealthcare 

If you need online care that is best, easy to use, and convenient, UnitedHealthCare is what you need. The company’s online account is quite easy to use since it’s an all in one place system. The moment you are in the account, you have direct access to order prescriptions, nurse hotline, and much more. You can track your expenses and deductibles as well as locating a doctor in your locality. 

While this insurance company is handier to the digital users, enrolment into the company means dealing with their hefty charges. Among the insurance companies in the U.S. states, it’s the most expensive when the analysis is complete.

Financially, it has an excellent rating in the U.S. with individual insurance covers that meets the mandates of an affordable care act (ACA) for essential healthcare. Among the plans of the company are PPO and HMO, which have access to tax-free savings accounts (HAS and FSA). 

There are discounts in place to motivate members for vision services, smoking cessation, and hearing aids programs. The insurance company has above 790,000 physician participants who are the preferred network of the provider. 

  • Cigna 

Cigna Health Insurance Company is the best option for telehealth-care. Being a health insurance global provider, the company offers plans to 12 states in the U.S. some of them include California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, Missouri, Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, south, and North Carolina.

Financially, the company has a strong A.M. rating. The preferred network of providers includes over 500,000 physician participants. With numerous physicians at your disposal, there is no need for referrals to visit an off-network provider.

Cigna plan options copay, and even deductibles vary and rely on which state you reside. Plans with high deductibles come with options for Savings plan. There is free online access to search for network doctors, get insurance cover I.D., check your expense, and even estimate costs.

For customer motivation, the company offers a helpline for health information, home delivery pharmacy, flu shot, and reward program information. Other opportunities include the program for Telehealth connection, which gives clients access to board-certified telehealth providers. Some of the providers include MDLIVE and American Well. 

  • Highmark

Highmark is a health insurance company that focuses on providing coverage for several states in the eastern region of the U.S. The plans of the coverage rely on the place you reside. Plans such as Tiered come with bronze, silver and gold options. The EPO plan available in Highmark means you are entitled to providers within the network only. 

When you opt for off-network providers, you receive no benefits that you will be entitled to when using in-network providers. Additionally, a PPO plan is also at your disposal. And since the Highmark has a broader range of co-pay and deductibles to choose from, therefore, you have a good chance of getting a plan that suits your needs and budget. Highmark Insurance coverage includes; Personal digital assistant, wellness profile, symptom checker, health trackers, and other information. 

For customer motivation, the clients are offered discounts for fitness, nutrition, hearing service, and vision. Programs for lifestyle services include; food, weight loss, smoking cessation, behavioral health, and stress management. There are even exercise programs that are available to clients who need support for either of them. 

  • Molina Healthcare

Specialized in wellness care, Molina Healthcare offers medical insurance to clients residing in Wisconsin, Washington, Utah, Texas, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Ohio, New York, New Mexico, Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, Idaho, Florida, and California. Over 3.5 million clients residing in the U.S. enrolled in the company’s medical cover plans. The choices of policies, coverage, and benefits all rely on which state you live. 

The majority of the company’s plan provides you with no co-pays. They cover the following cares, which are essential: emergency services, Prenatal, Vaccinations, Hospital care, lab tests or x-rays, doctor’s visits, vision insurance, and prescription drugs. 

Molina Insurance Company has excellent perks, preventive medical care, and wellness care services to its clients. These include pregnancy programs, Unlimited Visits to the doctor, 24 hours helpline for nurse advice, 10 weeks vouchers in programs for Weight Watchers, and also accessibility to Smoking cessation items over the counter. 

  • HCSC

HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation) is known for being the best in providing HMO plans.U.S. is the largest health insurance company that is customer-owned. The insurance company started in 1936, and it has insured over 15 million clients in the states which it’s operating. Some of these states are Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Montana, and Illinois. 

The company’s coverage and plan options available for selection rely on which state you live. When you are a member of this insurance company, there are specific beneficial programs within your reach for better services. Some of them include Wellness programs such as 24 hours nurse hotline, fitness programs, maternity programs, weight management and loss programs, smoking cessation products, and an online tool for health assessment. 

When you need to enroll in the HCSC insurance cover, there are several types of plans at your disposal to select. These plans include PPO and HMO plans. Also, there are plans for health savings. Available where you can opt for a policy with a high deductible to reduce the premium cost of your insurance cover. 

  • Humana

Humana Health Insurance Company comes in handy to seniors above the age of 45. The company provides a lower premium to members of this age as compared to other health insurance companies. The company can serve 22 states in the U.S., most of which in the midwestern and southern parts of the country. 

However, apart from age, which causes a decrease in premium charge, there is the aspect of personal health background. The medical history of a person may cause the premium to vary from one senior person to the other. But generally, Humana is an affordable healthcare insurance company. 

Among the options for healthcare plans, there are over a dozen that can be considered descent. And among them is home healthcare cover that is particularly useful to the older clients or those with chronic illness who are unable to move freely. When you are a client, you receive benefits such as Human Vitality. Human Vitality is a program found online aiming to assist users in developing healthy habits. 

  • Anthem

Being the second-largest health insurance company in the country, Anthem has enrolled over 40 million clients. Anthem offers network-based health care coverage to various small & large scale businesses. Medicaid Individuals and even markets of Medicare through its commercial & Business medical care department. 

When shopping for Anthem policies on the exchange market, look for products titled BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield), then name your resident state will follow. Don’t be alarmed as Anthem will be the insurer you are purchasing the policies. Due to Anthem being the Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance product licensee. 

At the moments, the operations of the company are carried out in Colorado, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, Nevada, Missouri, and Maine.