What Health Insurance Does Dave Ramsey Recommend?

Dave Ramsey is a fitness trainer who believes that the first thing you need to do in order to be healthy is to pick up and read the right health insurance guide. In his own words, “I believe that no matter how hard you work, how many products you use, how much training you do, or how effective your program is, without good insurance coverage you can never achieve a great body”. I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey’s work, so I was a little confused at first when he made this claim. Is it true that health insurance doesn’t do much?

Most insurance providers will cover you for most medical needs, however you may need to get pre-existing condition coverage or hospitalization coverage. You may not want to pay extra for this coverage so you can get something that is optional. Still, that’s something you have to decide on yourself.

In my case, I have two kids and a full time job to attend to. If something were to happen to me I would have no money to live on. My husband and I have decided that we’ll just stick with our pre-existing conditions policy so we won’t have to worry about the details of getting another plan. I am happy with the coverage and am happy with the policy.

Dave Ramsey’s recommendation of what health insurance does to you as a family is that you get every insurance company on one sheet of paper. I don’t think he means that you go through all the companies and try them out. I don’t think he would consider all of them important companies and even then would still leave off some. I think he would consider all insurance companies, but in a list format.

When I heard this advice I had a bit of an issue with it. In my mind I’m assuming that all the insurance companies would put their prices down on the same line to save money. How can he expect us to do this when some insurance companies charge more? After all, most people are smart enough to find the best price for their insurance.

I did some research on insurance companies and found that all of them have their own websites. There is a website for every insurance company and you can check it out for free. You should probably only buy insurance from a company that is affiliated with the ones you check out.

So, Dave Ramsey is right. You can’t take care of your health without insurance. I don’t know if health insurance is what Dave Ramsey recommends but I do know that it is what I chose to get. I think it’s the right decision.

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